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By abcsforchildren, Jun 1 2017 01:59PM

Today our walker transation class learned all about vechiles they see around them everyday. They counted them all. Compared which one is bigger and smaller and asked which was an airplane, truck, car, ect. They were all really excited about it, shouting about which they liked the most and what each item was.

By abcsforchildren, May 17 2017 09:17PM

Today was the annual trip we take with our smurf through kindergarten classrooms to Simmons Farms. We did everything you could possibly imagine. We went into a greenhouse which we planted our own tomoates to take home and watch them grow. Then we took a hayride which we saw different animals. During this hayride our desination was to go to the fields and pick two different kinds of lettuce for our families to take home. Later, we went to have some lunch. There was a huge playgroud for our friends to play with after lunch. It was a very fun day to kick off this summer season.

By abcsforchildren, May 11 2017 02:19PM

This week in our preschool floor our friends are learning all about the letter Z.. Our friends in the preschool floor had their sensory table open. They were using a fishing rod to catch any images that started with the letter Z.

By abcsforchildren, May 4 2017 01:48PM

The morning has started for ABC's. The birds are chirping outside and all of our friends are ready for the day. Today our friends in the Smurf Room decided to walk around the whole entire school and say hi to all there friends in all the different classroom around the school. All the friends in each room were very excited to see our smurf friends spreading love and joy with there warm smiles.

By abcsforchildren, Apr 27 2017 02:09PM

Today the babies in the nursery learned all about spring. They all were gathered around and the teacher was reading a book about different items they see during the spring time. The book they were reading was about butterflies.

By abcsforchildren, Apr 19 2017 05:09PM

The Gobots had an amzaing nature walk around our school. The friends observed the changes we see, hear, and smell outside during Spring. They saw a couple birds on our walk and the children were so silly and kept calling the bird a seagull! They collected some leaves, flowers, and sticks for our nature bin. It was a good time.

By abcsforchildren, Apr 13 2017 01:10PM

Spring Time has started to bloom in the Fraggle Room. Today our friends painted spring pictures using different vibrant color paints. They created anything they wanted about spring that made them happy. They shared the colors with their friends and bounced and shared ideas about their pictures.

By abcsforchildren, Apr 6 2017 02:13PM

Today our friends in the older toodler room were learning all about the different planets we have in space. Our teachers had different pictures of planets spread around the table singing a planet song. They also were asking our friends which planet is the biggest and which planet is the smallest.

By abcsforchildren, Mar 16 2017 02:42PM

Today our Walker Transition friends experimented mixing colors to make green! Our friends loved it so much they wanted to share the green with everyone by putting on their clothes! Now we're all ready for Saint Patrick's Day!

By abcsforchildren, Mar 16 2017 02:38PM

In our Older Toddler room, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Iza showed our friends examples of circles. Then it was time to play with some real live circles- BUBBLES!! Ms. Hannah talked to the friends about how bubbles are made from soap so it is not safe to pop bubbles with our mouths, only our hands.

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